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What you will find in this workbook:

  • How to set up your online business. 
  • What to post on social media to attract clients.
  • How to produce products and programs that will sell out!
  • Marketing and sales strategies to sell your products to your ideal customers. 
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Hi! I'm Sabrina! 

As a business owner & entrepreneur, I built a successful personal training business when I was just a teenager and ultimately managed hundreds of personal trainers and group fitness instructors in one of the largest multi-unit gyms on the east coast.

After a decade, I left my corporate job to return to school to earn my Master's in Clinical Nutrition while working as Vice President of Operations at a family owned business.

Once I completed Grad School I started to build and launch online programs that combined fitness and nutrition and quickly learned all the ins and outs of online business and how lucrative online business could be.

Finding much success around building and launching these programs I began offering support and guidance to my people that kept asking me how I built and launched these programs.

As a natural evolution, and after many hours of intensive course work, I became a business coach.

I help fit & wellness professionals work smarter and have more time for living by creating critical systems that help them make more money without the hustle.

I am passionate about helping fit & wellness pros grow their business, build their brand and incorporate additional income streams so that they can work less hours while increasing revenue and drop the exhausting hustle.